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We’re your on-call team for eliminating environmental hazards including mold and asbestos. It can be devastating for a home or business owner to discover contamination. The stress can compound when you discover the average general contractor is not qualified to safely manage the clean-up and restoration for this highly-regulated niche. The good news is—we’re not the average general contractor. 

You can sleep soundly knowing Greenbriar approaches every project with our triple aim of safety: Safety for our clients. Safety for our team. Safety for the community.




Our clients come to us for complete as well as selective demolitions. Whether you’re intending to wreck an entire structure, or removing select walls, floors, ceilings or roofing systems, our team offers the experience, flexibility and integrity necessary to meet your specific project requirements. 

Our service to you starts well before the first hammer swings and extends beyond the final nail. Count on us to secure all necessary permits, disconnect utilities, back-fill and seed—as if we were never even there.

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Preparing for a new driveway? Laying the foundation for new construction? Installing or repairing water and sewer lines?... 

We’ll clear the way to get your project started on a solid foundation.

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You don’t need to call in specialists to work through your sidewalk. With Greenbriar, you already have the specialists. Some clients turn to us for our precision and care in anticipation of a concrete cutting or trenching project, while others are glad to have us as their team already when the need presents itself mid-project. We have the tools and experience to complete the job right the first


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As your single-source contractor, Greenbriar is happy to address almost any construction need. Our depth of expertise brings our clients peace-of-mind in the assurance that we give every project—no matter the size—the attention and thorough treatment you deserve to feel confident and safe in your home or business.