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We’re hands-on problem-solvers.


Each member of the Greenbriar team brings unique skills and experiences to their role—but we all have one thing in common: integrity. We leave worksites only when a job is finished and our clients feel whole again.

Scott Loudis

Scott Loudis puts his stamp on every project. He’s a hands-on owner who is present at each site. 


From answering your initial questions to ensuring your project is wrapped up efficiently and effectively, surpassing your expectations—Scott is there. He brings with him 18 years of environmental construction experience, extensive regulatory knowledge and contracting certifications, 15 years of project management expertise and a bachelor’s degree from RPI. 


In addition to his client-facing and on-site roles, Scott also leads Greenbriar’s business development initiatives, accounting, auditing and regulatory reporting.

Kelly Loudis

Kelly manages Greenbriar’s business operations, including: employee relations, vendor relations and accounts payable, marketing and more. She brings a bachelor's degree from RPI and more than 15 years experience in business development and customer relations to the team. 


With Kelly expertly overseeing the back-end of the business, clients receive the complete attention and focus of the on-site team—every time. 

Scott Latza

Scott Latza is the executive supervisor for the Greenbriar team—ensuring each project is properly staffed and maintained. With 25 years of experience in environmental construction (abatement), and 15 years in project management of large commercial projects, Scott keeps the team agile and responsive. There is nothing he hasn’t seen (and fixed) before. 


Scott also manages business development, inventory, and scheduling.

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